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Independent Living Services

Start to Finish ILS is dedicated to developing and implementing its ILS program to all regional center consumers who need, desire, or require the service.

Paying for Groceries

Start to Finish ILS services will aid consumers in making well-informed decisions and choices in all areas of their lives from a perspective of a person-centered approach. Each consumer will receive ILS services that are unique and tailored towards their needs. Services provided will also be designed to reflect their IPP.


Start to Finish primary purpose is to provide consumers with support and training that will assist in reaching their full potential and help them obtain a successful outcome of full independence within their lives and community. The goals of Start to Finish ILS will be to help consumers locate and live in an environment of their living option choice that is within their means.

Start to Finish will focus in on ensuring consumers learn, develop, and implement the skills needed to become and remain independent. Start to finish will empower consumers to enhance or develop the motivation and determination they need to achieve their IPP ILS goals and increase their independence.

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